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Mission Statement

The mission of the BDCI is to:

  • Establish a broad and diverse network of Emory researchers at the key intersection of chemistry, biology, and human health
  • Support the translation of biological insights to chemical tools and the utilization of these tools to promote understanding of disease mechanisms
  • Accelerate the development of the next generation of chemical tools, safe & effective drugs, and diagnostic agents
  • Provide a top-tier research environment in which to train the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers


Rapid scientific advances in biology, chemistry, and medicine have revolutionized the way we make new chemicals, probe intricate biological processes, and interrogate disease states for therapeutic gains. However, we are still unable to address human suffering from many human diseases. We are faced with the grim reality of limited therapeutic options for some of the most devastating human diseases, including neurodegeneration, cancer, diabetes, drug-resistant infections, and emerging pandemics. How to translate our scientific advances to effective treatment strategies demands new research models that can leverage the power of cross-disciplinary collaborations for a focused and synergistic operation. Emory is uniquely positioned to take advantage of new advances in chemical and biomedical research to rapidly discover chemical probes, therapeutic leads, and imaging agents that can ultimately drive therapeutic innovation and address unmet medical needs. 

Emory has an enviable track record of applying novel chemistry to the discovery of therapeutic agents, particularly in the antiviral arena. In order to build on these successes it would be extremely beneficial to have  a well-defined collaborative community of chemists and biomedical investigators broadly engaged in maximizing the impact of innovative chemistry on biological research. The BDCI was established to develop such a research network at the key intersection of chemistry, biology, and human health to catalyze biomedical discovery and therapeutic target validation. It will accelerate the development of molecular probes, drug leads, and diagnostic agents, and in the process train the next generation of multidisciplinary investigators to bridge chemistry, biology, and medicine.

To accomplish this goal, we:

  • Seed & foster cross-disciplinary collaborations

  • Provide pilot funding to accelerate innovative team science projects

  • Invest in strategic infrastructure and resources 

  • Present regular, focused scientific programming

  • Create networking and professional development opportunities for Emory faculty & trainees


We envision that in 3-7 years, Emory chemists and biomedical investigators will work side-by-side in a coordinated fashion to address urgent challenges in human health through innovative chemistry. As the BDCI community becomes increasingly connected and develops synergistic collaborations, the opportunity exists for this initiative to grow into a landmark center for translational chemical innovation, greatly enhancing Emory's impact and standing in the global research community. 


Being a part of the BDCI community provides unique opportunities for members to: 

Learn, grow, and lead within an engaged community of interdisciplinary researchers

  • Annual retreat and brainstorming session
  • Social networking events (Coffee breaks, happy hours, etc.)
  • Leadership opportunities (BDCI Cornerstone Committee)
  • Participation in focused discussion groups (example: Computational Drug Discovery)
  • Exposure to intra- and extramural resources and opportunities within the chemical biology community
  • Professional development opportunities (junior faculty, graduate students, postdocs, etc.)

Create and foster meaningful cross-disciplinary collaborations

  • Opportunities to attend and present at flash talk sessions, research presentations, and seed grant competitions
  • Participation in dedicated collaborative events ("Constructive Collisions", research speed dating, etc.)
  • Increased exposure to broader team science opportunities (SPORE, P01, CBC, etc.)
  • Eligibility for collaborative funding opportunities around specific therapeutic areas and/or technologies
  • Intentional bridging and "matchmaking" via BDCI program management

Attend and lead regular, focused BDCI programming

  • Large-scale workshops, seminars, and keynote lectures
    • BDCI Horizon Forum, Summer Seminar Series, Global Chemical Biology Lecture Series, etc.)
  • Focused, small group discussions and presentations 
  • Exposure and connections with industry partners (BDCI Industry Seminar Series)
  • B.D.C.I. Fridays: Bites, Drinks, Connection, Innovation (coming soon!)

Access and utilize BDCI resources and infrastructure

  • Seed grant funding opportunities (Accelerator Grants, assay development grants, etc.)
  • Open access to Schrödinger software suite and associated training/development opportunities
  • Access to infrastructure and expertise to support high-throughput screening (HTS) and innovative chemistry approaches (enhanced screening capabilities, high-content imaging, etc.)
  • Organizational support to develop workshops, seminars, and other programming
  • Increased exposure to external programming and funding opportunities


Members are expected to:

  • Have a general interest in exploring collaborative research opportunities at the chemistry-biology interface
  • Participate in the annual BDCI Summit (1-day, local retreat)
  • Provide bi-annual updates on publications, grants, patents, etc. that result from BDCI resources, programming, and/or interactions (Time commitment: <10 minutes)


  • Members
    • Tenured or tenure-track faculty
    • Emory Healthcare faculty
    • Research intensive faculty
    • Non tenure-track faculty & staff (staff scientist, research specialist, etc.)
  • Associate Members
    • Postdoctoral fellows
    • Graduate and undergraduate students
    • Medical students and residents
  • Affiliate Members
    • Researchers outside of Emory University

If you have any questions, please contact our Managing Director, Callie Wigington at

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