Resources & Infrastructure

BDCI invests in strategic infrastructure to enhance the drug discovery and development pipeline at Emory and provide useful tools to elevate the research programs within our community. We also provide access to resources that support the training and development of innovative, cross-disciplinary projects.

BDCI Supported Resources and Infrastructure

Schrödinger Software Suite

BDCI supports the Emory-wide site license for the Schrödinger software suite - the industry standard tools for computational modeling and drug discovery. Access is provided freely to all BDCI members. If you're a BDCI member and would like access, click the button below for instruction. If you're not already a member, join today! (click on the "People" tab at the top of this page)

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ImageXpress High-Content Imaging System

The ImageXpress high-content imaging system, housed in the Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center (ECBDC), is a scalable, high-throughput, high-content screening system with a 7-channel high-intensity laser light source and machine learning capabilities. This system provides enhanced discovery capabilities via 3-D (confocal) imaging - a powerful tool for screening organoids and other systems that require more precise spatial resolution. Email us at if you're interested in learning more or developing an assay for this system.

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High-throughput Synthesis Suite

The BDCI high-throughput synthesis suite, housed in the Davies lab (Atwood Chemistry building), provides a top-to-bottom setup to accommodate up to 2 dram 24-well reaction blocks for high-throughput organic synthesis. This suite will enhance the transition of key groups to bring high-throughput synthesis into their routine experimental design and ultimately, Emory’s drug development pipeline. Equipment includes: 24-well reaction blocks and corresponding heater/chiller and evaporators, long deck rotary magnetic tumble stirrers, glovebox, Radley parallel reaction stations, and a UPC^2 Acquity Waters SFC system. Click below to learn more and inquire about usage.

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Biomek i5 Automated Workstation

The Biomek i5 Automated Workstation, housed in the Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center (ECBDC), is an industry-leading liquid handling workstation with capabilities for 384-well plates, that directly supports and enhances the drug discovery pipeline at Emory. Email us at if you're interested in learning more or using this equipment.

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Waters AutoPurification System

The Waters AutoPurification System, housed in the Mass Spectrometry Center (Atwood Chemistry Building), is an HPLC/MS system that provides users the flexibility of using high-throughput parallel runs for selective mass-directed fraction collection from hundreds of samples as well as the ability to run samples around the clock with unprecedented versatility and consistency. Email us at to learn more or inquire about use.

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